Published: Jun 11, 2018

Use of geographic information systems to choose the safest burial sites of hazardous waste in Medinah

1-16 Ohood Ayid Al-Rehaily

Grammatical Homogeneity

17-29 Husain Boabbas

Factorial construct of the academic parental involvement according to paternity, maternity and study stage in Sultanate of Oman

31-43 Taghreed Turki Al Said, Ahmed Muhamed Shabib

Attitudes of University Students towards the "New History of Bahrain and Citizenship" Course in view of Some Variables

45-64 Sharaf Mohammed Al-Mezaal

Role of physical settings on increasing flood hazard in Muscat Built-up areas (2007-2015) using GIS

65-78 Rana N. Jawarneh, Said S. Almushaiki

Academic Staff Attitudes in Jordanian Universities towards Citizen Journalism as a Source of Information:A Survey Study

79-95 Riham B Odeh, Mohamed Najib El Sarayrah

Studying Linguistics Moderation of Qur’an Reciters from Alhijazians’ and Altamimies’ Perspectives , alfatih and al,imaalah with special reference to ,abuu ,umar’s Recitation

97-107 Ali Sulaiman Al-jawabrah

Continuous Assessment Skills used by Arabic Language Female Teachers of Basic Education in Oman

109-122 Ibtisam Abdullah Ali Alyafei

Social and Psychological Problems of Children of Unknown Parentage in Foster Families in the Governorate of Muscat, Oman

123-139 Balqis Abdullah Alqalhati, Osman Sofy Osman, Mohamed Mohamed Elsherbiny

Interrelationship between the History and Archaeology, Islamic City of Qalhāt: Case Study

141-152 Mohammed Abdullah Alqadahat, Khaled Douglas