Published: Oct 1, 2018

Optimal Cartographic Representation of Geographical Mobile Phenomena on Thematic Maps

5-25 Abdul-Rahman Dobs

The Umayyads’ Intermarriages: Its Political and Administrative Impacts on the Umayyad State (41-132 H / 661-749 AD)

27-41 Huda Fahad Alzowy

The Image of Sultanate of Oman in the Contemporary Algerian Arabic Press

43-56 Mohammed Ahmed Djehlane

The Arabic Social researches centers: Contributions and Challenges

57-65 Hind Al-Maizar

Damath, The Companion and Narrator of Abu Obaidah, His Life, His Narrations and His Empirical View Towards Implied (ān)

67-78 Amer Fael Balhaf

The Language of Visual Communication between the Variable Culture and Beliefs in Light of Art Formation

79-87 Hussein Abd El Baset, Fakhriya Al-Yahyai

Emotional Intelligence Skills and Life Orientation in College of Education Students at Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman

89-95 Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Hilal Zaher Al Nabhani, Taghreed Turki Al Said

Rock Inscription from the Area of Ja’alanbani Bu Hasan, Sultanate of Oman

97-109 Nasser Said Al-Jahwari

The Effects of Social Media Networking Sites on the Values of Citizenship Among Young Omanis: A Mixed-Approach Investigation

111-123 Hafidha Suleiman AlBarashdi, Said Suleiman AlDhafri

Factors Driving the Omani Family to Travel Abroad: A Field Study

125-144 Sheikha Salim Al Muslamiya, Abdel Rahman Sofy Osman