The Psychometric Characteristics of Two Versions of a Mathematics Test in Middle School "A Comparative Study

Taghreed Hijazi, Naif Alsharif


The study aimed to investigate the psychometric properties of mathematics achievement test using two versions (paper-pencil and online). The two versions of three mathematics achievement tests were applied on a sample consisting of 958 students distributed to lst, 2nd and 3rd preparatory grades. Each test consisted of 30 items with four alternatives to measure students' problem solving skills and the scientific concepts. The sample of the study was randomly stratified and clustered selected. Item difficulty coefficients of the paper-pencil mathematics achievement test ranged between O.28-0.70, 0.38- 0.62, 048-070 for the lst, 2nd and 3rd preparatory grades respectively. There was between O.40-O.68, 0.48-0.66, 0.50-0.68 for the online version. Item discrimination coefficients of the paper-pencil mathematics achievement test ranged between 042-095, 048-094, 047-099 for the lst, 2nd and 3rd preparatory grades respectively. The ranged between 040-097, 055-098, 043-099 for the online version. Results of the study showed that there was a significant difference at a=0.05 between the validity coefficients of the mathematics achievement test due to the version of the test, in favor of paper-pencil version for the 2nd and 3rd preparatory grades. However, there was no significant difference at a=0.05 between the reliability coefficients of the mathematics achievement test due to the version of the test for all of the lst, 2nd and 3rd preparatory grades.


Achievement test, psychometric characteristics, paper-pencil test, online test.

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