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This study aimed at measuring the effectiveness of Zahorik Model in the acquisition of listening and speaking skills in the light of the motivation toward learning Arabic, among the seventh grade students in Jordan. The subjects of this study were selected purposely from the seventh grade students of a high school in Amman-Jordan. Two classes were selected randomly, one with (26) students, was assigned as an experimental group, where the other of (26) students, was assigned as a control group. Two tests were developed, one for the listening skill, and the other one for the speaking skill. A scale to measure the motivation toward learning Arabic was also developed. All validity and reliability indicators were obtained for these instruments. The results showed statistical differences in listening and speaking skills, for seventh graders, attributed to the method of teaching in favor of the experimental groups. The result also showed statistical differences in the speaking skill attributed to the interaction between the method and motivation toward learning Arabic, but showed no statistical differences in listening skill attributed to the interaction between the method and motivation toward learning Arabic. A set of recommendations were concluded in the light of these findings.


Zahorik model listening skill speaking skill motivation seventh graders.

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