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This study aims at reporting on the prevalence of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and its relation to some variables including gender, college, academic achievement and region among Sultan Qaboos university students. The Arabic adapted version of OCD Scale designed by Ibrahim and Al Fazari (2015) was administered to a sample of 820 students from all university colleges (2014-2015 academic year enrolments). The OCD validity was assessed using face validity, criterion-related validity, and factorial validity. The reliability of the OCD was assessed using Cronbach’s alpha and split-half method. The Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was .86 whereas the split- half method coefficient was .82. This study showed a higher level of obsessive compulsive disorder among university students (48. 53%). It was also found significant relationships between OCD and gender. A higher level of OCD was reported among female than male students. In addition, a significant relationship was found due to the college, academic achievement and region.


Obsessive compulsive disorder university students locale college.

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