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This paper aimed to identify how biology male and female teachers possess
professional biology standards from their supervisors' point of View. The population and sample included all male and female supervisors in all educational districts in Saudi Arabia (N=262). Only 208 of them responded; and 32 of this number were excluded since they did not provide their specialization or they were not specialized in biology. The data was collected through a questionnaire constructing based on the standards and indicators included in the Professional Biology Standards for Biology teachers developed by the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education (Qias, 1434). The result indicated a high possession for the standards for male and female biology teachers; however, as individual standard, the result indicated that three of them had very high possession, four of them had high possession, and four of them had moderated possession. It also indicated higher possession for standards related to biology comparing with standards related to teaching. It was found also that there were significant differences between the responses of males and females supervisors in the total mean and on the means of six out of the eleven standards.


Professional standards biology teacher educational supervisor.

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