The Reality of the Development of Arabic Grammar Curriculum for Arabic Secondary Schools in Mali in Light of the Standard Specifications

KEITA Djakaridja


This study aimed to examine the reality of the development of Arabic grammar curriculum for Arabic secondary schools in the Republic of Mali in light of the standard specifications. To achieve this objective, the researcher used descriptive method based on interview technique. The study population comprises the officials of Patriotic Union of Arabic schools, Department of Arabic schools in the Ministry of Education, Literacy and National Languages Center, and Arabic language teachers participating in the development of Arabic grammar curriculum. The researcher selected 21 participants for the interview using purposive sampling. The findings revealed that the reality of the development of Arabic grammar curriculum for Arabic secondary schools in Mali in light of the standard specifications during the period 2003-2010 varied between high and inefficient. Based on the findings, the researcher recommended that improvement should be made on the development of Arabic grammar curriculum for Arabic secondary schools in the Republic of Mali.


Curriculum development, grammar, Arab schools, secondary level, standard specifications.

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