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The study aimed to investigate the false memory level, and the effectiveness of a metamemory training program in rejecting false memory events among preschool children. The sample of this study consisted of 30 children of preschool stage from Bane Obaid educational directorate, Jordan which was equally divided randomly into experimental and control groups.The Deese-Roediger- McDermott (DRM) was used to measure false memory level. A meta-memory training program was developed also and applied after establishing its validity and reliability over 8 weeks with 2 sessions per week. The results showed that the preschool children had a high level of false memory, and that a statically significant decrease (p. = 0.05) in the mean of false memory scores of the experimental group in comparison with the control group on the post and the follow up tests.


Meta-memory false-memory training program preschool children.

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