The Effectiveness of a Group Career Counseling Program Based on the Information Processing Theory to Improve Self Efficacy and Making Career Decision Skills among Tenth Grade Students in the Educational Directorate of Markah

Siham Darwish Abueita, Faiez Al-Kousheh


This study aims at testing the effectiveness of a group counseling program based on the information processing theory to improve self-efficacy and making career decision skills among tenth grade students. The study sample were selected from Marka high school. It was divided randomly into exprerimental group (10) students, and control group (10) students. To achieve the objectives of the study, self-efficacy and decision-making career inventories were prepared. A validity, reliability and have been established. A program of career counseling has been prepared according to the theory of information processing consisting of (14) sessions and then validated. The progam was applied to the experimental group. Analysis of covariance was used to statistically evaluate the results. The findings indicated that there was statistically significant difference in improving the effectiveness of selfefficacy, and improving the career decision-making skill in favor of the experimental group. The study concludes that more research in the field of self-efficacy career, and decision-making career may be conducted with other grade students and the program in this study generalized and teachers trained to use such program.


Group career counseling program, information processing theory, self-efficacy, making career decision, tenth grade students.

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