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This study investigated student attitudes toward career counseling services at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU). A total of 134 full-time undergraduate students took part in the study. Using Rochlen, Mohr, and Hargrove’s (1999) Attitudes Toward Career Counseling Services (ATCCS) scale, student attitudes were obtained. ATCCS was adapted to Arabic. Reliability scores for the subscales (Value: α = .83, Stigma: α = .70). Both genders indicated moderate to high value for career services, with no significant gender difference. Also, there was no significant gender difference in stigma for seeking career services nor stigma was found. Both genders showed low levels of stigma. There was a negative relationship between value and stigma scales. Results indicated no significant differences due to year in college in levels of value and stigma. Location of the center and marketing of services negatively influenced students’ willingness to seek career services. Results are discussed and directions for further research are provided.


Attitudes SQU career counseling stigma Oman.

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