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This study aimed to identify the reality of using the Madrasari Platform from the point of view of high school teachers in teaching Mathematics. To achieve the study aim, the descriptive approach was used. The study population was high school mathematics teachers in Abha city of Saudi Arabia and the sample was 153 male and female teachers. The study tool was an electronic questionnaire. The results concluded that the level of using the Madrasati Platform in teaching Mathematics, from the point of view of high school teachers, was within the average level, and their attitudes towards it were positive. The study also identified some obstacles the teachers face while using the Madrasati Platform and made some suggestions to develop its use in teaching Mathematics from the perspective of high school teachers. The study concluded with several recommendations considering its results


منصات التعلم الإلكتروني منصة مدرستي التعلم الإلكتروني الاتجاهات E-learning platforms Madrasati platform E-learning Attitudes

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