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The current study aims at identifying the role of kids channels in the awareness of the child towards other cultures, concerning the integration of cultural content, building cultural knowledge, avoiding cultural bias, and being raised on the basis of equality, from the point of view of the parents in the State of Kuwait. The study also aims at identifying the effects of the variables related to the surveyed participants, that is, the parent’s gender, age, and education, on their responses concerning the role of kid’s channels in making the child aware of other cultures. The study adopted the descriptive approach, and a questionnaire was used as the tool to collect the data from the sample of the study which consisted of 453 parents of children of different age groups in Kuwait. The results of the study have shown that the effects of the roles of kids channels in teaching about other cultures are close to a great extent, although the effect of being raised based on equality ranked first, especially highlighting the role of using stories in children programs to introduce other cultures. Avoiding bias came second, especially setting the foundation for the principles of justice and equality among children. The study also found that the parents’ satisfaction concerning whether the children programs include information and models representing other cultures was not high.  Moreover, the responses of the study sample did not show statistical significance concerning the variables of the parent’s gender, age, and education. The study strongly recommended spreading the values of tolerance and co-existence and spreading the awareness among children to accept other cultures. This can go in alignment with the efforts exerted by the ministries of education and information in Kuwait and in the whole Arab world.


قنوات الأطفال توعية الطفل الثقافات الأخرى دولة الكويت kid’s channels child awareness other cultures the State of Kuwait

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