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The study aimed to explore the impact of the principal's support on teachers ’satisfaction and their intention to leave work in Oman, in addition to whether teachers ’satisfaction plays a mediating role in the relationship between the principal's support and the teacher’s intention to leave. Data were collected from a sample of 398 basic education teachers. The study used structural equation modeling to test a hypothetical model. The results revealed that teachers ’perceptions of principal support were high level but their satisfaction and their intention to leave were in the moderated level. Furthermore, our results showed that the principal support has a negative and significant effect on teachers ’intention to leave, and a positive effect on their satisfaction, in addition teacher satisfaction has a strong negative impact on teacher intention to leave. Similarly, teacher satisfaction is represented as a full mediation role in the relationship between the principal’s support and teachers’ intention to leave. Finally, the study proposed some recommendations to enhance the role of the school principal in supporting teachers, enhancing their job satisfaction, and reducing their intention to leave Oman


دعم المدير رضا المعلم نية ترك العمل النمذجة بالمعادلة البنائية مدارس التعليم الأساسي سلطنة عمان school principal support teacher satisfaction intent to leave structural equation modeling basic education schools Sultanate of Oman

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