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The current study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of an eclective counseling training program (ECTP) in enhancing self-regulating learning skills (SOLS) among female students with academic learning disabilities (ALD). The study population consisted of (197) female students who were diagnosed with learning disabilities in one or more of the basic academic subjects. The experimental study sample consists of (16) female students, and was distributed randomly into two equivalent groups: the control group and the experimental group, (8) female students in each group. The experimental approach (Quasi-experimental design) was used with experimental and control groups and pre-test and post-test. SOLS questionnaire and the counseling program based on eclectic counseling was used which consists of 13 counseling sessions. The results revealed the effectiveness of the ECTP in developing SOLS among the female students with ALD. The results indicated that there were no statistically significant differences at the significance level (0.01) between the mean rank scores of the experimental group of female students in post-test and follow-up test on the SOLS questionnaire. These results revealed the continuity effectiveness of the ECTP in improving SOLS among the female students with ALD. The study recommended the adoption of the counseling program by the competent authorities and benefiting from its various activities, in improving the level of self-abilities of people with learning disabilities to acquire cognitive skills and successfully perform their educational tasks


لبرنامج الإرشادي التدريبي الإرشاد الانتقائي مهارات التعلم المنظم ذاتياً صعوبات التعلم الأكاديمية طالبات الحلقة الثانية counseling program eclectic counseling self-regulating learning skills academic learning disabilities female students

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