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Abstract: The current study aimed to identify the effectiveness of a developed unit based on the educational scaffolding strategy (EDS) in improving visual thinking skills (VTS) and solving the mathematical problem (SMP) for the fourth-grade female students in Palestine. A quasi-experimental design was used. The tools include a (VTS) test, and an (SMP) test in geometry and measurement. The sample consisted of (82) fourth grade female students divided into two equal groups. The experimental group was taught geometry using the (EDS), while the control group was taught via the normal method. The results of the study showed that there was a statistically significant difference, between control group and experimental group for the benefit of the experimental group in VTS and SMP.  Also, the findings indicated the effectiveness of the (EDS) in improving both (VTS) and (SMP). Additionally, the study recommended the necessity of implementing workshops and courses for mathematics teachers according to the (EDS), designing a guide to show its steps, and encouraging students to practice (VTS) and (SMP).


إستراتيجية السقالات التعليمية التفكير البصري المسائل الرياضية educational scaffolding strategy visual thinking mathematical problems

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