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Abstract: This study aimed to investigate the factors that contribute to academic self-handicapping among students of the College of Basic Education in the State of Kuwait. To achieve this goal, academic self-handicapping, academic procrastination, self-esteem, self-compassion, and achievement goal orientation scales were applied to an available sample of 413 students enrolled in the College of Basic Education in the State of Kuwait. The results of stepwise regression analysis revealed that academic procrastination, self-compassion, avoidance goal orientation, self-esteem, and mastery goal orientation contribute to academic self-handicapping, while performance goal orientation did not show contribute to academic self-handicapping, and academic procrastination was the strongest predictor of academic self-disruption. The study recommends conducting more studies to investigate the contribution of performance orientation to academic self-handicapping.


academic self-handicapping academic procrastination goal orientation self-compassion self-esteem التسويف الأكاديمي التعاطف مع الذات التعويق الذاتي الأكاديمي احترام الذات أهداف توجه الانجاز

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