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Abstract: This study aimed to the induction of new teachers and enhancing their role as instructional leaders in Palestine, based on proposed model. A mixed research methodology, quantitative and qualitative, was used. The 1,450 new teachers who were appointed in government schools, in academic year 2019-2020, were surveyed about their experiences in their first year in the profession, their enrollment in the induction program, and their needs to involve in the profession, a sample of educational supervisors and school principals were also surveyed, through the application of questionnaires and interviews, the educational literature in the field of teachers’ induction was also analyzed. Based on the survey and analysis, results showed that new teachers need more support and requirements to prepare them for their professional and leadership role, these formed the basic components of the proposed model, which consists of: orientation, training and coaching, mentoring, supportive leadership, professional learning communities, and professional development plans. Therefore, the study recommended adopting the model in the Palestinian educational system, and further studies on the model components to develop policies and decisions to improve the quality of teachers.


التهيئة القيادة التعليمية التوجيه المعلم الجديد برنامج تدريبي induction instructional leadership mentoring new teacher training program

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