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Abstract: The study aimed to investigate the effect of the imagery style (schematic / pictorial) among the sixth grade students in their building mnemonics in science. A qualitative research method was used and semi-structured in-depth interviews were applied. The imagery style scale was also applied to classify the students according to the types of imagery styles. A sample of 12 students was selected purposefully in Muscat Governorate in the academic year 2019/2020. The sample of the study was within three study groups: the first group was the mnemonics usage group. The second group was the mnemonics-building group and the third group was the control group which was taught in the conventional teaching method. The interviews were conducted after the treatment with the study sample. The results of the interview analysis showed that the students of the mnemonics usage group were characterized by the variety of strategies for mnemonics that they built. In constructing, the mnemonics building group was characterized by smoothness in mnemonics and following a particular methodology when constructing mnemonics. There was also a difference in the building of mnemonics among the students according to the types of imagery style. The students with the pictorial imagery style were distinguished by the use of images and expanding the responses. While the drawings of the majority of the students of the schematic imagery style disappeared, and if they existed, then they are devoid of details. The study recommended the adoption of mnemonics as teaching strategies. As well as allocating part of the class time to provide students with these strategies and encourage them to build their own mnemonics.


building mnemonics imagery style science subject qualitative methods the sixth-grade students بناء معينات الذاكرة نمط التصور الذهني مادة العلوم المنهج النوعي الصف السادس الأساسي

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