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The current study aimed to explore the level of happiness among Kuwait university students in light of some variables. The comparative descriptive method was used. The sample consisted of (237) male and female students from Kuwait University. The Oxford Happiness Questionnaire prepared by Hills and Argyle (2002) was used. The results of the study showed that the level of happiness among Kuwait University students is low. About (32%) of the students indicated that they often feel happy, and about (23.5%) of the students rarely feel happy, while about (44.5%) of the students sometimes feel happy. There aren’t differences between male and female students in the feeling of happiness. There are four variables that affect the feeling of happiness among Kuwait University students: the economic level, psychological status, health status, and obesity.


feelings of happiness economic level psychological state health status obesity الشعور بالسعادة المستوى الاقتصادي الحالة النفسية الحالة الصحية السمنة

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