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Abstract: The study aimed to explore the practices of implementing carbon-neutral practices and its challenges in the school environment in the Sultanate of Oman from the viewpoint of principals and teachers. The study adopted the mixed method approach, using two data collection tools to achieve its objectives. The first tool was a questionnaire applied to (412) male and female teachers, besides focus group interviews with a sample consisting of (12) male and female principals and (12) male and female teachers, from cycle II basic education schools in the governorates of Al Batinah South and Al Dakhiliyah. The results showed that carbon neutrality practices are moderately practiced in school education from the point of view of principals and teachers. The results also revealed that there are some major challenges, such as the lack of financial support and available educational means. Additionally, the results showed that there are no statistically significant differences in teachers’ viewpoints based on gender, specialization, and educational governorates. Considering this, the study recommended promoting awareness of the importance of carbon neutrality among all workers in the school environment and training teachers on appropriate teaching strategies for the practice of carbon neutrality in school education.


carbon neutrality school principals school environment teachers carbon neutral practices الحياد الكربوني مديرو المدارس البيئة المدرسية المعلمين ممارسات تطبيق الحياد الكربوني

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