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Abstract: The current research aimed to assess the psychological and social impacts on Jordanian. The Convenience sample consisted of (3152)To achieve the aim of the study, measure were developed to the psychosocial and social impact scale, which consists of (42) items, The results shown that the psychological effects are low, and social effects are moderate. The results also shown a significance difference on psychological effects to gender and age and work, but there were no significance differences on education level. The results also shown a significance difference on social effects to gender and age, but there is no a significance differences on education level and work. So, The researchers recommend to adopting a specialized institutional approach to take care of Jordanian's mental health, and working on rehabilitating the unemployed individuals functionally, psychologically and socially.


الآثار النفسية الآثار الاجتماعية المجتمعات المستضيفة اللاجئون تحديات اللجوء Psychological effects Social effects Hosting community Refugees Refugee crisis

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