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Abstract: This study aimed to identify the effect of the Strategic and Interactive Writing Instruction (SIWI) on the development of composition skills among hard of hearing students at high school level. The researcher utilized the quasi-experimental research design with two groups, pre- and post-test measures. The purposive sampling was used to select the female students who participated in the experimental and the control group. Both the experimental and control groups included eight students with hard of hearing at high school level. The results revealed that there were statistically significant differences at the level (0.01) between the average ranks of the scores of the experimental and control groups in the post-measurement in the degrees of total composition Writing skills in favor of the post-measurement in the experimental group. The most prominent results came confirming that the strategy consists of mutually influential dimensions that play a key role in giving this strategy the effectiveness of modeling the behavior of the learner and gradually transferring the responsibilities of writing to reach independence. The most prominent recommendations emphasized the importance of teachers' use of interactive strategies, balancing individual activities and group activities in teaching writing, motivating students to participate in written tasks as groups, and then independence through individual production.

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