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Abstract: The purpose of this descriptive study was to evaluate the quality of the learning disabilities program (LDP) in the basic education schools as perceived by teachers of LDP in the Sultanate of Oman. A convenience sample of 277 teachers was selected from Omani governorates. A scale of 83 indicators was developed and distributed to teachers. These indicators included six standards related to program philosophy, educational environment, program staff, individualized education program, transitional services, and family involvement. The results indicated that the availability of quality standards in LDP ranged from a moderate to a high level. The indicators of the educational environment standard and the program philosophy standard achieved a high level. While the indicators of program staff standard, transitional services standard, individualized education program standard, and family involvement achieved an average level. The results also revealed that there were statistically significant differences due to the educational qualifications and teaching experience of LDP teachers. Based on these results, the researchers recommended that the Omani Ministry of Education adopt the indicators and standards that have been developed in this study.


التقويم برنامج صعوبات التعلم الجودة المؤشرات المعايير سلطنة عُمان Evaluation indicators Oman quality standards LDP

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