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Abstract: The study aims to investigate the level of post-traumatic stress disorder among students in the Gaza Strip after the aggression 2022, and the differences in it according to gender and educational level. The study uses the descriptive method, by applying Trauma Scale (Davidson et al., 1996) after verifying the indications of validity and reliability of the tool. The sample consists of 390 male and female students, of whom 141 males and 249 females, 102 students from the upper basic stage, 164 from secondary schools, and 124 university students, were chosen using the available sample method. In order to process the data, the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS, 28) program was used. The results show that the prevalence of post-traumatic anguish among students after the aggression (2022) was at an average level, with an average of (2.66) and a relative weight of (53.2%). The study recommends the need to conduct counseling programs within schools and universities to reduce post-traumatic anguish among students, and to intensify the work of psychological first aid immediately after the events to reduce the spread of the disorder.


اضطراب ما بعد الصدمة الطلبة عدوان قطاع غزة Post-traumatic stress disorder students aggression Gaza Strip

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