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Abstract: This study aimed to identify the nature of the relationship between personal traits and decision-making styles on a sample selected by a stratified random method, where the sample size was (233) male and female students from three Yemeni universities. To achieve the objectives of the study, a questionnaire was used that included (34) items for two scales: the personality traits scale, consisting of (10) items, and the decision-making styles scale, consisting of (24) items. This study also relied on the correlative descriptive analytical approach. The multiple linear regression analysis showed a statistically significant relationship between personality traits and decision-making styles. The study also indicated that female students depend more on intuitive, dependent, and spontaneous decision-making styles. They have more agreeable and neurotic traits than males. In light of the study's results, the researcher recommended paying attention to the personal traits of university students because they are important in understanding decision-making styles that can contribute to the quality of students' decisions.


Decision-making styles Personal traits University students Gender Yemen أساليب اتخاذ القرار السمات الشخصية طلبة الجامعات النوع الاجتماعي اليمن

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