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Abstract: This study aimed to identify the degree of practicing administrative transparency among public primary school principals from the perspective of teachers in Palestine, and the impact of the variables: (sex, specialization, and the directorate). To achieve the objective of the study, the used the descriptive method. The study Surveys were applied to a stratified random sample that included (378) male and female teachers selected from the study population of (20935) male and female teachers. A questionnaire was used to examine administrative transparency among basic school principals. The findings showed that the overall degree of the practice of administrative transparency among the principals of public primary schools in Palestine was high in all its four domains. The findings showed that there were no statistically significant differences at the level of significance (α≥.05) between the Mean of the practice of administrative transparency among public school principals from the perspective of teachers, attributed to the variables: Gender, specialization, and directorate. In light of the results of the study, the researchers recommend that the school principal discuss with the teachers who do not abide by the regulations and laws before speaking out against them, in order to clarify the violations that you have identified and how to avoid them in the future, and to monitor the general performance of the school by strengthening trust between the administration and the teachers, and discuss the correct decision-making that concerns them and them. Educational work within the school, information and procedures for the various control measures implemented by the school principal and discussion with the teachers before they are lifted, as this procedure continues to enhance full commitment to the school’s ongoing educational policies.


Administrative Transparency School Principals Public Basic Schools الشَّفافيَّة الإداريَّة مديري المدارس المدارس الأساسيَّة الحكوميَّة

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