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The present study aimed at identifying mathematics (math) teachers’ attitudes toward low achievers in mathematics, and the degree to which these attitudes are affected by their: sex, stage of school they teach in, years of experience, and their qualifications. For the purpose of the study, the Math Teachers’ Attitudes toward Low Achievers in Mathematics Scale (MTALAMS) was developed. The scale consisted of 30 items, distributed over 3 subscales: feelings, beliefs, and behavior. Validity and reliability of the scale were established. The sample of this study consisted of 217 male and female mathematics teachers in Amman, Jordan in the academic year 2011. The ratio weight of the total of the math teachers’ attitudes toward low achievers in mathematics was (62.3%). The results of the study revealed statistically significant differences in the mean scores of math teachers’ attitudes toward low achievers in mathematics attributed to their years of experience; but no significant differences attributable to the other variables of the study were recorded. A number of suggestions and recommendations were provided.



Attitudes Mathmematics Achievement Learning Difficulties Math Teacher.

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