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This study aims to find out the multiple intelligences among a sample of students with learning difficulties from their own perspective. The sample consisted of 220 students from fourth, fifth, and sixth primary grades in the directorate of education of the greater Amman area. For the purposes of the study, the researcher developed a multiple intelligences assessment tool with 72 items. The tool validity and reliability were estimated and showed acceptable validity and reliability. The findings indicated that social intelligence was the most prevalent, then visual-spatial intelligence, naturalist intelligence, existential intelligence, linguistic intelligences, logical mathematical intelligence, musical intelligence, and interpersonal. The least prevalent was sense of intelligence adynamic. The results also showed differences (p ≤ 0.05) in the prevalence of multiple intelligences of the students with learning disabilities due to sex in favor of females. Also, the results showed differences in the prevalence of multiple intelligences among students with learning disabilities due to the type of learning difficulty.



Multiple Intelligences Student with Learning Difficulties Jordan.

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