The Psychometric Properties of Extraversion and Neuroticism Scale by Using Likert- Type Item Format

Imtanious Mkhael


The main objective of the present study was to develop an Arabic version of Junior Eysenck Extraversion and Neuroticism Questionnaire-Revised (12 items for Extraversion and 12 items for Neuroticism) and to assess its psychometric properties by using the Likert-type item format with five categories against the dichotomous(yes or no) one. In order to achieve the objective of the study several methods of reliability and validity were used, and the instrument under investigation was administered to several samples (N=727 subjects). Investigation of the internal consistency of the Extraversion, and the Neuroticism scales using alpha and item-total correlations showed that Likert-type item format of these scales to be superior to dichotomous one. Study also displayed improvements in test-retest reliabilities, convergent and divergent validity of the Likert-type item format of the Extraversion and Neuroticism scales. Validity of these subscales was also supported by their intercorrelations, as well as their factor analysis which confirmed that the instrument under consideration had the same factor structure as was observed in the original dichotomous version.



Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, Extraversion and Neuroticism Scales, Personality Assessment, Psychometric Properties.

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