Social Studies Teachers’ Awareness of their Teaching Roles in Light of the Curriculum Based on Knowledge Economy in the Second Directorate of Education in Amman

Jamal Abdel-Fattah Al-Assaf


The aim of this study was to explore the extent to which social studies’ teachers are aware of of their teaching roles in the cotext of knowledge economy based curriculum. The sample consisted of 125 randomly selected teachers of social studies (history, geography, social studies) in the second Directorate of Education in Amman, Jordan. In order to achieve the aims of the study, the researcher built a questionnaire in light of educational literature, and it was applied to the sample after ensuring its rlibility. The main result of the study was that the awareness of teachers of their teaching roles in the context of knowledge economy was high. Also, there were statistically significant differences in the level of wareness of teachers due to academic qualification in favor of teachers who obtained a master's degree. The results of the study showed that there were no significant differences in the awareness of teachers due to experience, specialty and sex.



Teachers, social studies, knowledge economy, knowledge economy based curriculum.

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