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This study aimed to review the suitability of the laws, regulations, and instructions in force at the University of Jordan for students with special needs. The study focused primarily on legislations, laws, regulations and resolutions adopted by the University of Jordan that are related to admission, housing, health insurance, registration, library, public services, financial support, testing, attendance, academic warning, deferral, extracurricular activities, and technical services support. Descriptive analytical approach was used. Percentages and frequencies were employed. About 214 articles of the law, regulations and resolutions linked to the university students were reviewed. The results indicated that the percentage of law articles related to the university legislation concerning the students with special needs has reached 0.93%, and this ratio is considered very low. Finally, the study recommended the need to review the imbalances in laws, rules, and regulations currently in force in Jordanian universities as to suit the needs of students with special needs.



Students with special needs needs legislations Jordanian universities.

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