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The study aimed at identifying to what degree does the teacher preparation program at the college of education at Sultan Qaboos University enable Islamic education teachers to perform their professional roles as viewed by the graduates of the program. In order to achieve this aim, a questionnaire was designed consisting of 42 roles and falling under 5 themes. Having checked the instrument for validity and reliability, it was administered to a sample of 56 graduates of the program. The main findings of the study were: a) the teacher preparation program of Islamic education in the College of Education enabled the graduates to perform the professional roles at th moderate level; and there were no statistically significant differences at the level of 0.05 between the means of respondents attributable to the variables of gender and year of graduation in general, as well as at the level of each of the 5 themes. Some of the recommendations are to reinforce the highly viewed roles such as the humanitarian roles and the roles in the five themes. It is also recommended to support the roles that were viewed moderately in the program and to give seminars and workshop to Islamic education teachers as to perform the professional roles effectively.



Empowerment a teacher preparation program exercise professional roles Islamic education teacher.

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