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The present study aimed to evaluate the level ofOmanifamilies’ attention to the preparation of their children to face globalization according toIslamic values. To achieve theobjective of the study,a questionnaire was preparedfor theparents toevaluatethe level offollow upand supervision of their childrenin many areas.Then,the validity and reliability of the questionnaire were ascertained and then the questionnaire was distributedto200 ofparents.After analyzing the data, the findings showed that the attention to religious aspects came at the first level, and the concernfor enhancing social relationships with children was the last level. Additionally, the attention ofmothersin this regard was muchmore thanfathers. Based on theresults of the study, a number ofrecommendations were proposed. These included the need to analyze textbooks in the Sultanate to identify and highlight these values. Additionally, the study recommended that these values be stressed and utilized in order to guidethe mass mediafor serving the individual and the society.



Islamic values Omani family globalization Sultanate of Oman.

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