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This study aimed to find the relationship between leadership skills and self-esteem of the Jordanian universities presidents. The sample of the study included all Jordanian universities presidents for the academic year (2011/2012) counting 30 presidents .The researcher used the analytical descriptive approach to theoretical literature related to the two variables of the study, and developed two questionnaires to collect data: one to detect the degree of implementation of leadership skills, and the other to determine the selfesteem degree. Findings revealed a high level in the implementation of these categories of leadership skills and high level in availability of self-esteem indicators. There was no statistically significant difference due to specialty and type of the university. Also, high positive correlation (p. 0.01) between the leadership skills and self-esteem was found. The indicators of self-esteem may be used in choosing institutional leaders and developing strategies, tests to refine those skills, and enhancing the self concept.



Administrative leadership self-esteem Jordanian universities. *

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