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This study intended to provide a research map that shows the most important research issues and educational challenges facing education in the Sultanate of Oman in the light of contemporary educational innovations. A descriptive research method was used. The procedures followed in the study included a review of educational research maps in the colleges of education, conducted a theoretical analysis of the relationship between global changes and their impact on the areas of educational innovation, identify areas of educational innovation in Oman, and Meta analysis of research conducted at the Department of Educational Foundations and Administration. Based on the analysis and interpretation of data collected from 120 research participants, consisting of 10 faculty members, 15 Master students, 20 experts from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education, and 75 school principals representing different provinces, a research map, with its objectives, scopes, and mechanics of implementation, was developed.



Educational innovation research requirements research map Sultan Qaboos University.

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