The Phenomenon of Rioting among the Youth in the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia and the Prevention Strategies

Aziz A. Mustafa


The phenomenon of rioting among youth is a social and security problem which constitutes a threatening danger to societies. The present study aimed to identify the underlying causes of rioting in Alkhobar and the preventive measures that can be taken to stop the manifestations of unrest among youth in future. Questionnaires, whose validity and reliability were properly confirmed, were distributed among randomly-chosen (n= 3700) youth from all the Eastern Province cities. The results revealed that the causes of rioting among Saudi youths are due to many factors like economic, religious, health, recreational, social and familial. The results also showed that there was no significant difference in the dimensions of the causes of unrest among the youth in respect to the city, community or group, with the exception of the economic factor which showed a tilt towards the unemployed. Regarding the importance of preventive measures and strategies to deal with these problems, many possibilities were presented to the participants who responded favorably to such a propositions. More research in this phenomenon is highly needed, taking into consideration other variables in order to identify them more realistically.



Youth rioting, Saudi Arabia, Strategies.

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