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This study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of computer assisted instruction in modifying alternative perception of geometry concepts among 7th grade students in Jordan. The subjects of the study consisted of (72) students from Mafraq during the second semester of the academic year 2010/2011, They were already distributed into two groups (36) who were considered as experimental group while the other (36) were considered as the control group. A valid and reliable test to probe the alternative perception in geometric concepts was distributed on the two groups twice, before the treatment and at the end of the experiment. The study revealed the following findings. There were eleven alternative perceptions of geometric concepts among the students; also there were statistical significant differences between the average of the experimental group and the control group in the alternative perception test to the benefit of experimental group students. Furthermore, the percentage of alternative perception of geometry concepts were decreased due to the computer assisted instruction.



Alternative perception alternative concepts computer assisted instruction.

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