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lists of university classification and ranking issued periodically by quality assurance agencies reveal enough indicators of significant differences in verifying the standards related to the two main traditional roles (research and teaching) of faculty members. Literature reveals significant differences in the clarity of the relationship between the two roles and their implications or impacts on the quality of academic work. The study came to provide an overview of this relationship based on the results of chronological meta-analysis of a selected sample of published educational literature over the last sixty years, and an overview of the possible impacts of the embedded operational definition(s) of this relationship. The results indicated a significant change from mutually exclusive roles to some kind of interaction and integration between them with implicit and explicit change in the operational definition(s) of this relationship. Different approaches, models and strategies were proposed to enhance this relationship. Further research are required to crystallize typical operational definition of this relationship, and to encourage looking for more advanced and authentic qualitative standards in the process of university ranking and classification.



Research teaching relationship between research and teaching university mission university ranking and classification quality standards operational definition.

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