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The purpose of this study was two-fold: first, to develop a tool for evaluating the EFL textbooks in the Omani Basic Education schools, and second, to involve teachers in the evaluation process. Three research questions were asked: (1) What are the relevant criteria for evaluating the Omani EFL textbooks used in Basic Education schools? (2) To what extent do the textbooks match the evaluative criteria? (3) Does teachers' evaluation of textbooks vary according to gender and experience? An evaluation checklist including 42 criteria in question form was developed and validated. In fall 2008, 73 EFL teachers (35 males and 38 females) from Muscat and Al-Dakhiliya regions used the checklist to evaluate the grade 10 textbooks of the Basic Education stage. Data analysis showed that the evaluative criteria are reflected to some extent in the textbooks and that there was no statistically significant difference in teachers' evaluations of the textbooks due to gender and experience. It was recommended that EFL textbooks be evaluated and teachers be involved in the evaluation process. In addition, the Colleges of Education should offer a course on textbook evaluation.



Teachers' evaluation basic education Sultanate of Oman.

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