Perspectives of Primary School Science Teachers, Supervisors and Parents towards Assessment for Learning

Iman O. AlAbdulkarim, Suzan H. Omar


One of the major problems of the Continuous Assessment System (CAS) in elementary schools is that it assesses students' learning more than helping them improve their understanding and knowledge of scientific concepts and skills. It also does not assess their behavioral and social skills. This research aims to introduce assessment for learning, where the teacher gathers information about the student's current knowledge and skills then provides them with feedback to help them improve learning. The study consists of two parts: a survey of the science teachers, supervisors and parents' opinions in comparing the two assessment systems (tested for validity and stability). The second part was to apply assessment for learning in science classrooms by six teachers for a period not less than six weeks. Interviews were used to collect data and a new form of report card was proposed to assess student performance. Findings indicate significant differences between assessment for learning and CAS in favor of the former. The teachers noticed positive results in the knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts and skills of the students, and a marked improvement in social and behavioral skills.



Continuous assessment, assessment for learning, science education.

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