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The aim of the study as to investigate the opinion of Omani’s social studies teachers’ about teaching controversial issues in social studies curriculum for post basic education students. Data was gathered through a questionnaire consisting of (20) items divided into 3 areas: importance of teaching controversial issues, concernins about teaching controversial issues and challenges of teaching controversial issues. Validity of the questionnaire was examined by a panel of judges and reliability was obtained by administrate the questions to 32 social studies teachers. Cronbach Alpha was used. Data was collected from 201 social studies teachers, 94 were male and 107 were female. The results showed that social studies teachers highly belived about the importance of teaching controversial issues, they were teaching controversial issues in their classroom and they were facing some challenges in teaching controversial issues. There were significant differences due to teachers' specialization and experience while there were no significant differences due to gender or province.



Teaching controversial issues social studies teachers Sultanate of Oman.

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