Evaluating the Educational Administration Master Program in the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University from the Graduates' and their Employers' Perspectives

Salha A. Issan, Zahra N. Al Rasbi, Dalal H. Al Hinai


This study aimed to evaluate the master program of educational administration offered by the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University. Two questionnaires were used to achieve the study objectives during the academic year 2012/2013. The first one was applied to 24 graduates from the program. It included the following themes: vision, mission, goals of the program, courses and their contents, students’ assessment, efficiency of material resources in support of the program, graduates’ competencies, and the efficiency of faculty members. The second tool was applied to a sample of 21 supervisors and included the following themes: the efficiency of the graduates at work place, relationship between the institutions where the graduates work the department of educational foundations and administration in the college of education. The results indicated that the theme of graduates’ efficiency got high degree from the graduates’ perspective themselves. However, participation in the formulation of the vision, mission and objectives of the program was low. The relationship with the department had earned a medium level, but all questionnaires’ items got low level from the perspective of employers. In light of the results, a set of recommendations were proposed to develop the program and the relationship with employers.



Master program evaluation, college of education, Sultan Qaboos University.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24200/jeps.vol9iss1pp84-108


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