Pedagogical and Technological Age: Is it Sufficient to Change Teaching Style among Faculty Members? (A Case Study)

Hamdy A. Abdelaziz


The aim of this study was to explore the technological and pedagogical practices that are adopted by faculty members at the college of graduate studies, Arabian Gulf University; and to determine the impact of these practices and other determinants on changing or improving teaching style. To achieve this purpose, the researcher developed an instrument to determine the common teaching style and technological and pedagogical knowledge among a sample of 29 full-time faculty members. The instrument was developed based on the Technological and Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK) model and the Staffordshire Evaluation of Teaching Styles (SETS). The results showed that faculty members at the college of the graduate studies have equal pedagogical and technological awareness. They also tend to prefer the all-round flexible and adaptable teaching style, and student-centered sensitive teaching style, but their technological practices do not reflect these styles. Based on these findings, a set of strategic educational recommendations are mentioned to increase the probability of adopting and applying technological and pedagogical change in higher education institutions.



Pedagogical practices, teaching style, higher education, technology adoption.

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