Teachers and Specialists Attitudes toward Implementing Transitional Programs for Deaf Students, and the Difficulties They Face in the Implementation in Al-Amal Institutes in Riyadh

Tareq S. Al-Rayes, Marzooq Al-Zahrani


This study aimed at studying the actual status of implementing transitional programs for deaf students at the secondary level in Al-Amal Institutes in Riyadh, the most important results of the study were: All the study sample agreed on the weak application of transitional programs in Al-Amal secondary institutes for deaf students. There were many obstacles that impacted negatively on the application of transitional programs, such as difficulties applying transitional programs relevant to teachers; difficulties applying transitional programs relevant to deaf students; difficulties applying technical and administrative transitional programs and difficulties of applying transitional programs relevant to establishments and companies and finally there was no statistically significant differences (p. 0.05) in the awareness of the actual status of the application of transitional program and the difficulties that face it from the point of view of teachers and specialists in Al-Amal Institutes for deaf students in Riyadh, due to qualification, years of experience, nature of work, specialty, gender, reading level and general knowledge.



Teachers’ attitudes, transitional programs, deaf students, Al-Amal Institutes in Riyadh.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24200/jeps.vol9iss2pp230-247


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