The Effect of Prior Knowledge of Behavioral Objectives on the Immediate and Postponed Student Academic Achievement in National Education

Fakhri R. Khader


This study aimed to explore the effect of prior knowledge of behavioral objectives on the immediate and postponed academic achievement. The study was conducted on Petra University students in the subject of National Education. The levels of learning objectives were: recall, understanding, and application. The study sample consisted of 140 male and female students divided into 4 sections that were chosen randomly. The sample was divided into two groups: the experimental group consisted of 72 male and female students which were provided with behavioral objectives prior to the teaching process and the
control group consisted of 68 male and female students which weren't provided with behavioral objectives. For the purpose of achieving the objectives of this study, a list of learning objectives was prepared and a tool for assessing the immediate and postponed academic achievement in the subject of national education was administered. The two tools enjoyed acceptable validity and reliability estimates. The results revealed statistically significant differences on the immediate and postponed academic achievement at the levels of recall, understanding and application; and the immediate and postponed academic achievement in general in favors of the experimental group.


Behavioral objectives, national education, immediate achievement, postponed achievement.

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