Some Memory Factors and Reasoning General, Meta Memory Components and Mental Flexibility as Predictive Learning Efficiency among High School Students

Marwan A. Alharbi


This study aimed to detect differences between the efficiency of different variables learning factors memory (visual memory and memory), reasoning capabilities, Meta memory Components and mental flexibility, in addition to the disclosure of the best predictors of learning efficiency by independent variables under study. The study sample included 202 high school students. The results indicated that there were statistically significant differences 0.01among students of different level of learning efficiency standards, visual memory, prepare arithmetic, readiness mathematics ability to calculations necessary and creators of estimation, memory function and assess the use of strategies to remember and flexibility mental. addition to and that can be interpreted approximately 99.6% of the variance on the variable efficiency learning high school students learning visual memory and the memory capacity of reasoning Meta memory Components and mental flexibility (except Meta memory Components).


Visual memory, memory spa, reasoning general, meta memory components, mental flexibility, learning efficiency.

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