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The study aimed to measure the degree of satisfaction with the academic and administrative experience of the students of Sohar College of Applied Sciences and to know the effect of the social, specialty, study level and GPA variables. To achieve the aim of the study the researcher prepared a questionnaire of 43 items covering four areas. It was applied to the study sample which included 154 students. Data were collected and analyzed using the Mean, Standard Deviation, and T-test for one group and two independent groups, unidifferential analysis to know the significance of the differences among some variables and Scheffe Test to disclose differences among the means. The study results stated that the CAS - Sohar students have not been satisfied with their academic and administrative experience. The satisfaction is low. The results also have pointed out to the significance of the four areas at the significance level of 0.05%. Some items have got the highest mean while some others have got the lowest mean regarding the importance of the students' satisfaction. The results have shown no differences of statistical significances in the level of the students satisfaction attributed to the social, specialty and study level variables. There were differences in the degree of satisfaction attributed to the GPA variable and in favor of the GPA with Very Good. The study recommended the folowing: The Ministry of Higher Education and the Directorate General of the Colleges of Applied Sciences should set effective criteria for the follow up of the academic and administrative performance of the colleges and students' satisfaction should be one


Satisfaction academic and administrative experiences in CAS -Sohar.

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