The Relationship between Parental Treatment Styles and Early Discovery of Learning Difficulties among Pre-school Children

Khadeja M. Badr


This study aimed to explore the relationship between the parenting style and discovery of learning disabilities in early childhood education. The study used a sample of Egyptian parents to investigate the parenting style followed in the family. Also, the study investigated the family awareness and interest in the discovery and treatment of learning difficulties. The results indicated that there was a significant relationship between parenting style and discovery of child’s learning difficulties in the early stages. The results also showed that there was a significant relationship between positive parenting styles and discovering of learning difficulties. However, there was a negative relationship between negative parenting styles and discovery of learning difficulties in early childhood. The study recommended the need to provide appropriate training and guidance programs of positive parenting and avoid the negative methods of raising children.


Parenting styles, learning difficulties, early detection, pre-school children.

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