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The purpose of the current study was to survey the stakeholders’ opinions of the best educational placement setting for students with disabilities in the Sultanate of Oman. Two thou- sand four hundred and thirty stakeholders participated in this study. The findings provided ev- idence that the majority of the Omani stakeholders prefer educating students with disabilities in regular schools over separate facilities. In addition, the stakeholders’ preference on the continu-um of placement options varied significantly. The results also suggested that the stakeholders’ preference for educating students in the regular school setting versus a separate facility varied according to the type of disability. Moreover, a significant association between the stakeholders’ role and their preference of educational placement setting for students with disabilities was found. However, the findings revealed that there was no significant relationship between the stakeholders’ gender and their educational settings preference. Finally, educational services for children with disabilities in Oman were discussed and suggestions were provided to improve these services.


Educational placement inclusive classrooms students with disabilities Sultanate of Oman.

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