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The purpose of this study was to investigate female student teachers’ beliefs towards developmentally appropriate practices (DAP) and the relationship between these beliefs and the GPA. It also aimed to investigate the differences in DAP beliefs among female student teachers at different years(lst through 4th year). Study sample consisted of 60 female students selected from the Early Child Education program at the College of Education, Sultan Qaboos University from different years (lst through 4th year). The study used the three subscales of teacher beliefs scale: (a) integrated/social- cultural curriculum, (b) teacher-directed / basic school skills and (c) child-centered learning. The results indicated a significant correlation at p=0.01 among the three TBS subscales, the total score and GPA. Significant differences were also found between the different years where the beliefs of the second, third and fourth year students were better than first year students beliefs on all subscales and the total score.


Beliefs. Female student teachers developmentally appropriate practices preschool children.

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